Conceptual Analysis of Student-Centred Learning

Issue: 1, Volume: 3, Year: 2022

Conceptual Analysis of Student-Centred Learning

Date of Publication : 28, Feb, 2022

Date Of Acceptance : 21 Feb, 2022

Author: OSENI, Rukayat Ejide (RN, BNSc)

Co Author: ADEJUMO, Prisca Olabisi (RN, PhD, FWACN), KOLAWOLE, Ifeoluwapo Oluwafunke (RN, MSc)

Area of research / Subject: Conceptual Analysis of Student-Centred Learning

Students learn from their teachers in various ways, but student-centred-learning is more unique because it is not teacher-centred. This paper critically examined student centred learning as it focuses the development of learner autonomy and independence by putting task for learning path in the hands of students, inculcating in to them skills, and the basis of how to learn a specific subject and schemata needed to measure up to the specific performance requirement. Constructive interdependence, personal accountability, promotive interaction, suitable use of social skills, and cluster processing are its five essential components. The methods of student centred learning ranges from jigsaw, choice boards, inquiry based, personalized learning, problem based learning, flipped classroom among others. A thorough review of nursing core curriculum is therefore recommended at undergraduate and postgraduate levels by the board members of NMCN, to ensure the inclusion of student-centred learning in order to provide adequate, relevant and appropriate information and subsequently equip nurses to effectively discharge their duties.

Keywords: Student-centred learning, conceptual analysis,

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Keywords : Student-centred learning, conceptual analysis,

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