Purpose & Vision


International Journal of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences (IJMNHS) will be recognized as a premier medicine & health Science journal for showcasing basic and clinical medical research, and advances in medical & health education. International Journal of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences (IJMNHS) is a Journal of the Medicine, Nursing, Health Sciences and is dedicated to supporting the academic, scientific and innovative research. Also, The IJMNHS is committed to supporting and encouraging faculties, academicians, student researchers, mentoring future generations of these researchers, and promoting their careers in academic and non-academic medicine, health sciences arena.


IJMNHS Journal’s goal is to bring high-quality research work for international readers and to be the leading Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences Journal. Other than publications of journals & Books, we also provide some additional Products, Technology, Tools, and Services like Thesis publishing, Dissertation Project publishing, etc.


Through a rigorous process of evaluation and peer review, The IJMNHS Journal strives to publish Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences research of the highest value for a diverse audience of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences healthcare professionals: academic general and subspecialty physicians and clinicians, researchers, academicians, educators, practicing and general pediatricians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, residents, fellows, hospitalists, and others. The IJMNHS Journal seeks to spread global researchers latest innovative & scientific decisions, deepen knowledge, and advance further scientific discovery to improve the quality of care and the health of infants, children, and adolescents. The mission of the International Journal of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences (IJMNHS) is to support the exchange of knowledge and information and to publish high-quality clinical, basic, advanced, and educational research. Researchers in academic and clinical settings as well as health professionals are encouraged to publish their theoretical and experimental results in this journal, which aims to integrate expertise from the health sciences, molecular and translational sciences, therapeutics, and diagnostics in diverse medical specialties.


IJMNHS’s Vision is to be an International Leading Journal and unique Research platform in the niche of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences through original & quality research sharing, Open Access, High Visibility, Publication through a systematic peer review process, Recognition of Editorial Board Members and International Reviewers.



  • Excellence: We achieve Health Science, Nursing & medicine-related advanced research and its outcomes that are significant and distinctive with a persistent commitment to high quality.
  • Collaboration: We embrace research, knowledge-sharing community, mentoring, partnerships, and diverse perspectives.
  • Innovation: We create, use, evaluate, and disseminate cutting-edge approaches to advance IJMNHS’s mission and vision.
  • Leadership: We lead to the niche developing and sharing Health Science, Nursing & medicine sectors through advanced research, innovation, commitment & dedication.


At the IJMNHS Journal, we believe that Medicine, Health Sciences, nursing occupies a unique and privileged position of influence and trust in efforts to improve human health. Our core values are excellence, collaboration, innovation, and leadership, etc. provide us with the foundation to shape the future of caring and health. Global researchers, Academicians, student Researchers, and Board of Editors and Reviewers, staff are collaborative partners in this effort. Their uniqueness and diversity efforts enable the creation of a dynamic-scientific research platform -output, innovative research, and creative learning environment through sharing that fosters professional health sciences development of professionalism, integrity, commitment, and mutual respect.