Medical Errors: The Impact and Way Out

Issue: 2, Volume: 3, Year: 2022

Medical Errors: The Impact and Way Out

Date of Publication : 29, Apr, 2022

Date Of Acceptance : 21 Apl, 2022

Author: OLOGUNDE, Olabimpe Toyin (RN, RPON, PGDN)

Co Author: OHAERI, Beatrice (RN, Ph.D), OJO, Iyanuoluwa O. (RN, Ph.D), BABARIMISA, Oluwatoyin (RN, M.Sc.)

Area of research / Subject: Medical Errors: The Impact and Way Out

All human activities are dotted with errors of kinds. Medical errors are an unfortunate but inescapable part of medical practice. Errors, no matter the nomenclature, typically occur from the convergence of multiple contributing factors. The common types of medical error discussed in the write-up were misdiagnosis, billing errors, incorrect medication/incorrect dosage, incorrectly identifying a patient, and surgical errors. Causes of medical error were classified under communication issue, patients’ factors, health workers factors and other factors while causes of surgical error identified were incompetence, insufficient staffing, fatigue, drugs or alcohol, lack of communication, and prescription medication errors. The impacts of medical error could be on the patients, healthcare providers or hospitals. It is important for the patient to have adequate knowledge of health issues, and the patients should not be afraid to push back if something does not seem right.  That persistence might just save the patient’s life.

Keywords: Medical Errors, Impact, Way Out,

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Author(s), OLOGUNDE, Olabimpe Toyin (RN, RPON, PGDN), OHAERI, Beatrice (RN, Ph.D), OJO, Iyanuoluwa O.  (RN, Ph.D), BABARIMISA, Oluwatoyin (RN, M.Sc.), (2022). “Medical Errors: The Impact and Way Out”, Name of the Journal: International Journal of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences, (IJMNHS.COM), P, 123 –132.  DOI: ,  Issue: 2, Vol.: 3, Article: 10, Month: April, Year: 2022. Retrieved from

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Keywords : Medical Errors, Impact, Way Out,

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