Children with Special Needs, Ways to Care for Them

Issue: 6, Volume: 4, Year: 2023

Children with Special Needs, Ways to Care for Them

Date of Publication : 14, Dec, 2023

Date Of Acceptance : 10 Dec, 2023

Author: ODUSINA, Florence Abosede (RN, RM, B.NSc. M.Sc in view)

Co Author: Dr. NDIKOM, Chizoma (RN, Ph.D, FWACN)

Area of research / Subject: Children with Special Needs; Ways to Care for Them

This position paper explores the complex domain of providing care for children with special needs, arguing for comprehensive strategies that prioritise their overall well-being. This study highlights the significance of inclusive education, early intervention, medical and therapeutic assistance, adaptive technology, and legal safeguards in addressing the many difficulties and possibilities present in this particular context. The importance of family engagement and the contribution of communities in promoting comprehension and inclusivity are emphasised. The article finishes by providing a series of suggestions that emphasise the need for collaborative endeavours in policy-making, educational practises, and community involvement. These recommendations aim to foster an inclusive environment that promotes the optimal development and success of all children, irrespective of their individual abilities. This article aims to explore several aspects in order to not only provide information, but also to encourage collaborative efforts towards fostering a society that is more inclusive and compassionate. The ultimate goal is to prioritise and optimise the potential of every child with special needs.

Keyword: Care, Children, Special Needs,

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Keywords : Care, Children, Special Needs,

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